Our Story

our story

What do two architects do when they are not designing buildings and public spaces? 

They design and make jewellery and fashion accessories they need but can’t find in the conventional marketplace.

Our closets are filled with our custom made fashion accessories and jewellery that reflect our architectural obsession with interesting materials in clever compositions.  We see endless design possibilities in the forms inspired by the natural and built environment.  We love the design process and launched this website to share with you our favourite items.  We hope you will enjoy wearing our creations as much as we enjoyed making them for you.  

Our pieces are designed and made in our studio in Canada.  We have a variety of objects at all price points and we make them in limited edition series, which means we will be offering new items on a regular basis.  We offer custom made objects and these too will be part of an ongoing design process.  We welcome you to visit us often and share your experiences with us.